Kuba textiles – History and Beauty in Central Africa

Today I want to enter a little in depth in one of the most beautiful textile creations that I have ever seen, Kuba textiles. I must confess that until I started a small project of African-style clothing (which, by the way, did not come off well) my ignorance was almost absolute.  I remember how I started … Read more

Cultural appropiation

cultural appropiation Valentino SS2016

For the first time I will be discussing a controversial topic in this blog, the cultural appropriation, but I want to make an approximation from a constructive perspective and from love. What is cultural appropriation and why is it offensive? Cultural appropriation has been defined as the act of taking cultural elements from one culture … Read more

Discover Some Amazing Real African Textiles

African Artisan Weaving

Decorate with ethnic fabrics never goes out of fashion, making a pad, renew a chair upholstery, hanging on the wall, use them as table runner, or to place them on the sofa. The following fabrics that I introduce you fit perfectly in styles like global, bohemian or jungalow atmospheres. Ndop Textiles I introduce you to … Read more